miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Since today I'm all yours

I think you don't have any idea of how much I love you and care about you, I'm going nuts! I decided to officially to be your girlfriend (: actually to BE with you, talking and thinking for the two of us caring about us.. just as one.
Since today I'm all yours.
I wanted you to know that I've been thinking about this... today I've finally realized something.. I actually love you, I'm already crazy about you... I don't want anything that it doesn't mean being around you... I'm just missing you all the day and all the time.. So.. yes probably this would be a secret for a little while but I just want to shout out to the world so everyone could know! I'm all yours.
Since today there's no other person for me, I don't imagine being without you and... I don't imagine you without me, holding your hand... walking anywhere but everywhere, huggin' you, kissin' you...
So thank you, for waiting so long.. thank you for loving even we know I'm probably not the best of all... but I swear I'm gonna love you like no one ever did and no one ever will.
I'm not wasting any second of my life being without you, because with being with you... my world seems so nice and peacefull... my heart is restless and my soul is fearless..
because since today I'm all yours and I'm gonna love you till my soul fades away with all the years passed by your side... so let me be with you, I'll promise my love won't fade away...

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